The Spectrum West Wave Chair has a unique shape that makes it fun, as it is stunning transparency gives it a look that is elegant. This modern chair is made of the finest quality acrylic, ensuring the highest level of optical clarity. This also means that the Wave Chair will never yellow or become cloudy, but instead continue to remain impressive over time. The Spectrum West Wave Chair is environmentally conscious, recyclable, and both UV and weather resistant. You cannot go wrong with this truly captivating chair.

Made of the finest quality acrylic manufactured domestically by Polycast Technology Corporation

Spectrum West acrylic has the highest degree of optical clarity and will never yellow or become cloudy

Environmentally conscious and recyclable

Weather resistant, UV resistant, thermoformable

Unaffected by corrosive atmospheres and exposure to florescent lights

Dimensions: 27.5"D x 36"W x 31"H

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