Dimensions: 8.6 in diameter
These faience dessert plates from GIEN are a must gift for any dog lover and a beautiful pattern for an afternoon tea.
"Darling Dog" from Gien portrays dogs with fine British humour and is an ideal choice for afternoon tea. The dogs are depicted in front of a chic background which makes you think of patterned wall paper. The expression of the large and small dogs is purposefully slightly serious, but they are still portrayed with a tongue-in-cheek style. Each dog even has its own name.

The design for the faience "Darling Dog" dinnerware was conceived by the artist Prune Cirelli. The well-known French illustrator has already worked with many renowned companies, and her work focuses among other things on animal portraits. Her goal was to give each dog its own individual personality.

Faience is a fine, porous earthenware which is tin-glazed and then fired repeatedly. This thousand-year-old art of porcelain manufacture has been used by Gien since 1821.
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