Made with heritage handloomed cotton and soft natural suede leather; finished with a soft cotton lining. Material: Cotton Jacquard / Leather Drawstring Close Inside Slit Pocket Dimensions: 10 x 7 in. TECHNIQUE: NAGA BACK-STRAP LOOM The fabric used in these bags was handwoven by hundreds of tribal women from the state of Nagaland, in the northeastern tip of India. The "back-strap" looms they use are tied around their waist and the outstretched legs create the tension needed to weave the yarn. It is a colorful tradition that has been perfected over centuries. Brightly colored geometric shapes have been historically used in Naga sarongs to publicly display one's tribal allegiances. These looms produce a rugged texture that we love. We figured why mess with perfection - and decided to use these authentic traditional tribal motifs as-is in our Naga bag collection!
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