Convivio Steak Knives, Set 6

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Lucite Convivio Nuovo Steak Knife Set of 6 in Wood Box by Coltellerie Berti
The Convivio steak knives are premium cutting tools handcrafted in Italy by the well-known Berti Cutlery to please even the most discerning Customers.
Made of premium stainless-and-carbon steel and strictly full tang, the blades are sharpened by hand using methods that  an age-old tradition has forged.  Each knife is created by a single artisan, whose initials are engraved on the blade. Convivio is a piece of high craftsmanship whose elegant streamline design makes it a perfect addition to the contemporary tabletop.

Forged Blade 4.1" long, Total Length 9.1".