Comfort Bolster Pillow



Bucky’s Comfort Bolster Pillow is a favorite for pillow minimalists and comfort-seekers alike—use it as a neck roll or place it under your knees for healthy alignment while you sleep. Each Comfort Bolster is filled with Bucky’s hypoallergenic, eco-friendly millet hull filling, ideal for pressure-relieving support that allows you and your muscles to sink into deep relaxation. The texture of millet filling is soft, smooth, and cradles the head and neck to accommodate your every curve. Ideal because it won’t compress over time, millet hull stuffing is also heat-conserving and creates a cozy warming effect.

Customize your roll pillow to accommodate your needs—simply unzip the outer cover and inner lining to add or remove filling. A good night’s rest is vital to restore and re-energize—improve your quality of life by choosing a pillow designed with comfort in mind.

Each Comfort Bolster comes with a zippered 100% cotton cover that is removable and machine washable