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Crafted from luxuriant alabaster and dyed grey for a modern appeal. Our Alabaster Grey bath accessories merge modern with traditional elegance.
Grey-dyed Alabaster.
Due to the nature of this material, each piece will be unique.
Care: Hand wash with mild soap.

By Kassatex.

Dimensions (in):
Soap Dispenser: 2.76"L x 2.09"W x 7.72"H
Tumbler: 2.87"Dia. x 4.71"H
Soap Dish: 4.69"L x 3.09"W x 1.38"H
Cotton Jar: 4"Dia. x 3"H
Tray: 10.91"L x 6.34"W x 0.91"H
Tissue Box Holder: 5.75"L x 5.67"W x 5.51"H
Waste Basket: 9.17"L x 6.57"W x 9.65"H


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